Fifth Harmony has no chill once it involves losing a member. The cluster took the stage to perform a piece of their new songs off of their self-titled album that was discharged on Friday, August 25, however they additionally used the instant to mention sayonara to their fifth piece. Well, former fifth piece. Their 2017 VMAs performance opened with 5 women standing on the stage, all of them coated in some style of clear bubble cowl. once the beat born, the four women of Fifth Harmony whipped off their bubbles — and also the fifth, unidentified woman was thrown right off the stage. No, really!

Now we all know it positively wasn’t Camila Cabello, 20, concealing under it bubble, particularly since she formally left the cluster in Gregorian calendar month 2016. however we have a tendency to can’t ignore the very fact that it absolutely was a right away offend to her, and a really calculated message to their fans that she is gone permanently. fortunately Camila wasn’t gift at the awards show to witness the offend head to head, however we’re certain she’s already detected regarding it. A response is certainly doubtless, as a result of Camila and 5H are going back and forth over their split since the day it happened. except for currently it’s the fans UN agency square measure responding on Twitter, and this is often what they need to say:

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THE LIFE – FITH HARMONY karaoke version ( no vocal ) lyric
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